Thursday, December 9, 2010

sumthing should be practice as a student...

Its happen in a class. This dialog between student and his lecturer.

student : sir, can I ask u something?

lecturer : yes sure can.what is it u waanna ask?

student : urm, I'm confused. should we be scolded if we don't do anything ?

lecturer : ( confidently ) sure not !

student : so for your information i didn't do your assignment that must be submit
               today sir.btw I need to go now coz I have a date. bye2 sir.

lecturer : ... ( grrrr)

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

scenario to tackle a !

Hi dude! we meet again with a new topic.As the title above I want to share with u'll how peoples surround us with different culture, skin color, languange but still called human to tackle a girl. So..let's toward to the topic. Here , I give 3 example of man. 

  1.     The cool man ... awesome !

   2.        Talkactive and too much read the poems ...ohh dude!

   3.        And the last one is the shy man...come on man!       

So guys..which one the best scenario ? which one the best man ? u decide it ! There are many scenario that I don't state here and for sure me also don't know which one from above is my characteristic haha lol ! Ok dude I need to rush because I'm starving now.. always read my blog and be the good followers ! Daa....

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

if my lappy can give me anything i want

Haha...hello dude. I'm fresh and  I wanna share lots of thing with u'll here. So my first post is ' if my lappy can give me anything i want'. Ermm..maybe lots of u have this gadget right? . And I know some of u make it like ur second best friend. Haha.. its natural coz me too! i called it as Rubrum. I took it in conjunction with the tree; Acer rubrum. nice tree with nice leaves. 

ok! so now let me guess. U r on facebook-ing right? could u imagine in the middle night while u still on ur "beloved" facebook suddenly stomach and its gang started to make a song like metallica, guns and roses or maybe raihan...omg u need somethin' to eat! Then if ur lappy can do this how shocked u r. Huh! mybe it'll be ur  friend until die la I think..hahaha

haha...its so fun to have that.Fact is girls spent more their life time with this gadget compare to boys. Downloading anything that worse, hearing the love song, watching korean movies and sometimes expressing their pressure to it ! haha..saying bout korean movies, there are few of them so fanatic with the actor or maybe actress.Haha ..and they hope wanna the actor to be their bf .lol. This is the correct time to u'll use ur lappy and do like below...haha great right..pick one and be ur bf!

hahaha...sorry girls its just kidding. I talked bout girls from other planet hahaha. And for sure money is the prior. Yes, some of u will say money is not everything BUT everything need money. How can u survive without that dude? wanna pay bill, taxes,debt or buy household,cloth, food...huh =_=" !! so if ur lappy can do this i think that not any problem u'll to bear them. just click and wait atm machine cool! urm there are more things I want to share with u'll but I think better I stop here before I give more silly and ridiculous idea..huhu and if u'll have any idea to be share just put a comment here.anyway, all the picture was edit by me.( ok tak? haha)  dude I need to leave now astalavista!